When I started this blog I intented it to be “share writing only” Come to think of it, why should it stay that way? And since even in a ordinary life funny things can happen and I am a huge nerd when it comes to TV Shows I will “Add” those topics to my blog. Starting today where I share my thoughts on the new Doctor. Using the content of the first episode of series eight.


So this was my very first post regeneration episode of doctor who. When I stated watching it last summer I had the complete series one to seven available. The change from Eccelston to Tennant was very easy since Nine had only thirteen episodes and I was new to the series. With the change from Tennant to Smith it was much harder. But I could always watch more then one episode of the “new” doctor to get used to him. Which wasn’t that hard really with his quirky and childlike character.

So tonight I saw Capaldi’s first episode. The first episode where I have to wait another week until the new doctor can appear once more on the screen. The weird things is, that after eight months of guessing how it would be like to see an episode exclusively with Capaldi as the doctor it was surprisingly easy. I mean he stepped out of the TARDIS, was weird and I knew he was the doctor: No hard feelings so far. I don’t know if it helped that practically every character repeatedly told Clara (and us, that’s what it felt like for me) that he is the doctor no matter what face he wears.

Then came the call from Smith, which for me made the whole transition worse. I liked seeing him but seeing him also reminded me which doctor I’d still prefer to see. So far Capaldi is doing a great job and I believe he will be a wonderful doctor but having a “choice” between the two of them I’d still prefer the good old Eleven.

I am looking forward to the new episodes and the end offer a cliffhanger I did not expect so there will be good stories and interesting times. After all the Show is still the same but from the point of view of a fan who liked Smith’s doctor the best, seeing him again in the new series made it harder for me to accept that he’s gone.