I read this book in the German original.moers-city_dreaming_books
To be honest I would have given Moers 4.5 stars if goodreads would allow it but four is just not enough. His books are long and very wordy. He explains a lot and gives a lot of details, but I still give this book 5 stars since I know the fantastic story was worth the fight.
Sure the story could have been only half as long. But would it have been as fun? I think not because The City of Dreaming Books, as well as other Zamonia books, are that fun because of Moers rich imagination and without giving details this imagination would be lost to the reader.
I have to admit, that I enjoyed the part in the catacombs more than the part in the city itself. My favorites are the tiny one eyed cyclopes. I mean sure one might think that his stay there was too long but I would love to read a whole book about them.
This was my second Moers book and so far I can say that with his Zamonia books you can’t go wrong if you like fantasy.