Okay so I finally post the first part of the first episode of the Norres Diaries on here- took me long enough 😉 If there are still any typos please keep in mind that I am no professional and that English is not my first language. What else can I say… Have fun. I hope you like it 🙂

The RV sped down the dusty road. To the right I see the golden sun setting behind the endlessly green ocean. To my left, far beyond the mountain rage covered in light red grass, I see the two pale moons rising. Night is falling fast around this world. The chances of me leaving alive are falling even faster.

I have to admit for a not so intelligent species (They are afraid of large, light-brownish cars) they can run pretty damn fast. All I can see in the review mirror are their faces literally covered in green veins and their pointy spears. Now, I’m not sure but I think they could pierce through my SELE (In case you’re reading this out loud or in your head, it’s pronounced selɪː). I know it’s kinda stupid but that’s what I called my RV: SELE. It stands for see, explore, live, enjoy. Which became my motto since I started this little adventure a few months ago.

Well since you’ve read this far I guess I can tell you my secret. I’m a shifter. I can travel through the different worlds that run parallel to ours. You see there’s more than only one universe more than one world. Usually they are separated by invisible walls; Keeping us in our world and other (possible dangerous) things (dragons, goblins, fairies and rather surprisingly exploding pineapples) out in theirs. I however can travel through them. Don’t even know why; I just can. It took me a lot of shifting and even more money to fix this RV up for multidimensional (Wow, what a smart word) travel. I mean, traveling by foot is so yesterday and less cool than a mobile home. Yeah, money. You’re probably wondering about that. I’m loaded – well my parents were and when they died (I won’t get into this now. It’s just too depressing.) I inherited it. And in case you were wondering; yes I was a little rich brat – notice the highly emphasized past tense.

On my travels, I try to keep out of trouble, which basically never works. But so far I kept out of any seemingly big events in the worlds’ history. You see, since there are no proper rules to interdimentional travels I basically have to make every fauxpas there is to make sure others do not make the same mistakes. If there are other shifters there is. I know what I am but I do know only very little about it and even that is just based on guesses. I don’t expect there to be any travelling guides out there any time soon but if there should be I call dips. Since I started this journey I wrote down to what worlds I’ve been with some characteristics of it; Sometimes even with drawings. Well, now that I gave you all the background information I can get on with the actually story.


As I already mentioned I was being chased by green, veiny-faced, yet human-like creatures with spears. I don’t really know what I did to deserve their rage. I might have run over a possibly holy bush when I came by there encampment. To shift out of danger I would have to park the RV and relax. That is out of the question and well, to be honest: Where would be the fun in that. This tale is about adventures not flight – but considering the amount of speed my pursuers had, flight did sound good. Just where to? Oh yeah, one warning ahead. Just because I am writing this first person, this doesn’t mean that I don’t die at some point. I mean, I am pretty sure that I’m quite alive right now, though you can never be too sure about that.. I have been to worlds where post mortal fiction (written by dead authors) is totally trendy. It might sound cool but sadly those authors do not know when to stop. Once you hit the 48th Sherlock Holmes novel it just gets too easy and a bit out of hand. I remember one story where he tries to fight the Loch Ness monster. I love the original ones but even a fan can only take that much. But I drifted off. I know I’m shifter I don’t know what other powers (if any) I might have. Hence the post mortal fiction warning.

I tried to keep as close to the sea as possible. I remembered seeing towers in the review mirror when I drove the other way. I was hoping to lose the veins (as I came to call them) amongst the dark towers. SELE and I have been through a lot of troubles together but up until that moment I had never been chased by an angry mob. The maximum amount of people chasing me before had been three plus one dog – which I don’t think counts as a mob. I switched on the headlights. The sun was fully gone now and the moons shone brightly. I’ve been in this world eight days now. I took pictures of the snowy mountains that went up far above the clouds. Two days I had parked in a cave because I had found a little pond where fish were swimming upwards in a frozen waterfall.  As far as I could find out this world seems to have a lot of similarities to ours. Everything seems about closer together though. As for the strange things in this world – well… let me tell you. I’ve seen stranger. However the most particular thing I had come across at least in this world, where the moons itself. Already on the second night, I noticed a change in them. The left moon grew bigger while the right moon smaller. I think this might be some sort of time measurement. Maybe a week had ended or a new month or year had started. Actually, I thought this was an uninhabited or dead world until I met the veins and killed their (sacred) bush.

The sight of a growing city (this was what I imagined being in front of me) had never made me smile so much. I was about to turn off the lights of my RV when I noticed a green glow from the behind. The vein’s veins (that’s funny) were glowing like a night light only faintly but it allowed them to see me even in the dark. I kept my lights on. What I had mistaken for a city were large pillars made of some black material. I only had seen them from the far distance, now among those pillars it looked like there where dozens of them. All the same height and width. The distance between two pillars were always the same. Just as I wanted to turn left a spear hit the RV and (Somehow I knew this would happen) pierced right through the thin wall. The walls may be thin but they resist massive amounts of heat and cold, which increased my wonder about the spear now lying on my bed. When I had finally turned, I found myself on another road surrounded by pillars.

I won’t bore you with the full length of this chase. It felt really long. I always saw a green glow behind me. So, after a while, I felt confident enough to turn off the lights. The spacing between each pillar was always the same so I hoped I could find my way in the dark. Only the two moons to shine my way. After a while, I thought I had lost them. I stopped driving and shut off the engine. I put my hand on the console in front of my, shut my eyes and concentrated. I thought of London. I knew just the right dark alley I could shift SELE to without anyone noticing it. Only a few blocks away was a great hotel where I usually stayed. Before I felt the world go down in a blur, a green shimmer started to grow bigger and bigger behind my eyelids. When I opened my eyes, however I was in the small London alley. I put SELE’s keys in my pocket and picked up the spear. The whole spear, not only the head, seemed to be made of the same material the pillars had been made of. I could see fine carvings. A language perhaps I could not read. My curiosity was wide-awake again but my mind felt sleepy. In the morning, I would return to the world of the veiny people. I just had to know what those pillars were and why that material had been able to put a little hole in my car. First, however, I need a good nights’ sleep and a maybe some French toast in the morning. Little did I know, that the next day would change the way I traveled forever.


The next morning I basically ran back to my RV. I even skipped the French toast. I jumped right into the drivers’ seat and shifted easily to the vein’s world (no pun intended). You see, have I visited a world before I can shift there with little effort. I mean shifting still takes up a lot of energy. I barely manage to shift twice on the same day but I work on it. It’s like an uber-muscle. Usually I free my mind of anything and see where the shift takes me. I call it my random mode. I could try to imagine a world I want to visit but it takes a lot out of me. The more detailed the image in my mind, the harder it gets. Even I have limits. I wanted to pick up the spear, when I heard a groan from my bed.

I do have some sort of weaponry in my RV but full of wonder as I was I clung to the spear and moved closer to my bed. A very wide-eyed young man with bright orange-red hair was looking past me, out of the windshield. I had forgotten that the grass here was red like blazing fire. The man stood up (fortunately he was wearing cloths. I saw some weird things in world I will not get into now.) and moved closer towards me. “Dude.” That was all it said. My grip tightened around the spear. He didn’t look very dangerous in is green sweater and jeans but hey you never know. My opponent also might have the IQ of the French toast I missed today but maybe he could tackle me. No one ever had entered my SELE besides me. Like, I said I was flabbergasted by him. What was actually worse was the fact that he had slept in my bed (read the “my” really important as if I’d underlined it three times in red). I do have a little couch next behind the table where I eat. He could have slept there. I felt like one of the dwarves after they found snow-white in one of their bed, only my surprised wasn’t that good and he hadn’t cleaned up either.

Since we’re on the subject I might as well give a little more description to my SELE. Basically, it does look like any normal RV would look. In the far back (if you want to call it far) I have my bed I already mentioned. Behind it is a seperated bathroom with toilet and shower – Yes I do have a working shower in my RV, On the other long side I have my couch and table. This one I had built. The table is part of the couch. In case, I should ever have a visitor. For eating you and pull the table up to put your feet under it. When table-couch (should I ever trademark it I’d sell it under tabouch) is used only for resting one can up a fitting cushion on the table part. In between table and bed is a space where technically a third person would fit in. Farther to the drivers’ seat area, in front of the table-couch-bed mutant, is my kitchen. Camping cooker and cupboards opposite to it is my wardrobe. All of those heavy things that could fall down are deeply nailed into SELE’s walls, which are stronger than they might seem. Above the drivers’ console I have installed a GPS system that (sometimes) maps out the surrounding (this sadly does not always work) and a little health-meter. It measures the air outside to see if it’s breathable and similar to the air in my world. Little lamps can either be red or green. Greens stands for exploring; red means get the hell out of here. Under the floorboards, I keep the really interesting stuff. My diaries, weaponry or items I simply collected on my travels. When I was younger I always wanted to do a road-trip. Those colorful drawings (in crayon) of the six year old me became my (I don’t wanna say home it’d be too depressing) travel-lodging. Had my six year old inner child known that someone would break into it I might have installed some places on the walls where you could see the weaponry.  Ginger, by the way, still looked past me as in trance.

“Hey.” I snapped with my voice and fingers. “Eyes one me.”

“Dude.” Was again all that left his mouth.

“Yeah. We’ve been over that. I’m a dude. Not the Dude though. ” I snapped, this time without the fingers.

“Where are we?”  He can form sentences. Amazing.

“Well right now. You’re in my RV without my permission.”

“Oh wow.” He ruffled his hair, closed his eyes and shook his head. “I’m so sorry. I was drunk last night and I still was a long way from home. I saw your RV and though it was abandoned.” Such a long sentence. I was getting ready for a wave of his last night’s drinks but none came.

“So you broke in?”

“It wasn’t locked.” I said nothing because I did not recall locking the doors last night. “So where are we?”

“I am not done asking the questions.” I moved the pointy end of the spear towards his throat. I wouldn’t kill him but he didn’t know that. “Who are you?”

“Arthur Hopps. Could you put that spear down? It’s making me a bit uncomfortable.” I did so. Not because he told me to but because I could, so don’t get any ideas. “So where are we? I mean the grass is red and there are two pale moons in the sky.”

“We shif… It’s a long, complex story. We moved how could you have not noticed that?”

“Your blanket was so soft and soundproof.” He pointed over to the black blanket lying on my bed. “I mean really, really soft like clouds.” Raising my eyebrows I looked at him. “Sorry I guess I’m still a bit drunk.”

“Oh yeah.” I smiled at the memory of how I had gotten it. “It’s Gruffel fur.” He stared blankly at me. “It’s a very nice kind of animal with wool-like fur. They love producing blankets for the villagers.” Don’t ask – I’ll explain later the Gruffels are really nice and loving animals.

“Okay there were a lot of words in that sentence that did not make sense.” This was going nowhere. I needed to be out there. I didn’t ned to worry about the air outside I had checked that when I first had come here. Also I had shifted away from the vein camp. Finding out what the spear was made of was my top priority. My SELE had repaired itself overnight (don’t ask, it’s complicated. I’ll cover that part later – maybe). I could not afford to shift back home to drop Ginger off so I had to take him with me.

“Come on. We’re going out.” When he hesitated in front of the door I poked him a little with the spear. He opened the door and stopped again. “Do I need to remind you that I got the spear?” He swallowed hard.

“They do too.” He was right. The whole RV was surrounded by Veins. Each of them having a pointy spear like me.