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Before I go into further details let me say this. I just finish this book and I’m actually sad that it ended. Sure the story was done with but still I’m feeling a little emotional here. Since I mentioned not wanting stories to end I love that Seth decided against finishing the book he’s started reading as a kid. He did not want that world to end and I know what he means.
Definitely a five star book probably six of this was possible. I loved this book everything about it. Right from the start Ness draws you into the story and really does not let you until the very end. I’m a kindle user and I only buy the best books again as a “real” book for the shelf – the best of the best if you will. More than this is definitely one of those.
I can’t even really describe what makes this book so amazing. The characters, the world (s), the backgrounds everything works and fits together really well. Even if this book approaches since heavy topics the book never gets too sad or depressing. I especially liked the “kind” of relationship (I could say the word but I don’t want to spoil.) Seth has. I did not expect this when picking up the book but it only makes it richer. A more traditional way would have worked as well but I like that Ness chose against it.
I for one would have loved an epilouge but maybe it would have taken away some of the uncertainty that makes the book as powerful as it is. Anyway this book really had my head zig-zagging with constant ideas, questions and thoughts. And I do love that in a book. For me it was one of the best books I’ve ever read.