The Giver

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Not really sure how to rate this book. I mean it was a page turner. Maybe not concerning the action but I wanted to learn more about this community and its inhabitants. But I think I expected more from it. Don’t get me wrong it was a really great book even though it is not based on action but on revelation.Jonas’ world is full of rules and regulations but also without hunger, pain or war. His life falls slowly apart when he is chosen the receiver of memories and he comes to know at what costs this peaceful world came to be. Questions come to his and the readers’ mind. Can real emotions exist in a world like this? Are love, friendship and happiness possible is it all just a lie? I give this book five stars. The world building was wonderful and most of the characters were fittingly flat. I mean this on a good way. Give this book a chance and you’ll see what I mean. What really bothers me however was the ending which was, or at least seemed, cut off. I know this is the first novel in a series so it’s not so bad as it would be with a standalone book. Taking the ending out of the conclusion or was a satisfying quick read.