The BCAWS Pitch


I started another blog on which I just posted information about a Sitcom I’ve been working on. Here’s the pitch and the link to the blog.

Berlin Chronicles – A written Sitcom

For ages Sitcoms have entertained many viewers and audiences everywhere. With a mixture of comedy, lovable characters and situations taken straight from everyday lives they give the audience the chance to relax for 20 to 30 minutes. What makes sitcoms so important, is that we cannot only relate to the characters but also to the situations. While Action, Drama or other shows follow an overall plot throughout the episodes and seasons sitcoms live from the moments; the little, sometimes funny, stories life tells.

Inspired by Sitcoms like Friends, but especially Seinfeld, I have come up with a concept, characters, and stories for an English speaking sitcom set in Berlin, Germany. Most successful sitcoms are set in the United States but the overall idea can be translated into any language and country. While I was growing up in the Friends era, the slightly older Seinfeld inspired me mostly. I liked the idea of no overall or life altering plot. A show about nothing, that’s what Seinfeld was often called. This is basically what I have in mind as well.

Berlin Chronicles – A written Sitcom (or Seinfeld whichever will find more interest) or short BCAWS is a modern Seinfeld. New characters, new (or polished old) stories set in the 21st century in a city that has not gotten much attention in the international sitcom world. To make it available for a large audience BCAWS will be in English. The “written” stands for the fact that I will upload the episodes in script form, for everybody to read. Since I lack funding of any kind I will write the episodes by myself and put them every two weeks on my blog. I am not a professional author or script writer. I’m just a guy with a great love for TV shows, characters and some creativity.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will introduce the characters, or rather let them introduce themselves. Once this is finished the episodes will go online.